A trip back in time into the world of Just Imagination Memorabilia. A small shop tucked away in Reading, run by avid hoarder, Jim Donovan.

With a collection ranging from comic books to vinyl, and dating back to the 1950's, Jim is sure to give you an overwhelming sense of nostalgia.


Corralls Coal was formed in 1843 by James Corrall, and is one of the largest and oldest retail coal companies in the country. Coal was once the main source of heat in homes, but has since almost been forgotten. Andrew Goodall believes there is a future.


For Brian Carter, Jackson's was more than just a shop. It was the embodiment of his family. Sadly closing for the last time on Christmas Eve 2013, this film explores what happened next, while looking through previously closed doors at the historical building and its contents. 

by Rafael Gough



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